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21 Days of Exercise Challenge

So for those of you who don't know not that I am counting but in exactly 21 days 16 hours and 2 minutes I will be in Bermuda sun bathing with a calorie filled Mai Tai along with two other fab chicks. I have bought a total of 10, I mean 11 bathing suits (however I lied and told my friends I bought 8 so I don't seem like a crazed lunatic). Although I have met my weight loss goal by a long shot I am aiming to loose 9 more pounds prior to boarding my flight. For the next 21 days leading up to my vacation I have decided to challenge myself and commit to 21 workouts. Additionally I have changed the time of day I exercise from PM to AM and to add a little more spice I just ended my long term member

Breaking Up With Your Scale

Don’t step on it or it will make you cry, is something I’ve always heard about the scale. I am not sure anyone likes stepping on the scale to see what they truly weigh. Most people believe that their weight is not the end-all-be-all but we simply cannot stand the idea of not looking. So many people weigh themselves daily and their entire day is dictated by the number they see. Don’t ever let that be you. I weighed myself when I initially started my weight loss journey (March 2016) and did not weight myself again up until approximately 3 months later I did not own a scale (I used one during my annual physical visit) because to be honest most often stepping on the scale means very little in t

Four Fitness Myths Busted

It’s very easy to over-hear an exercise tip at the gym or get quick fitness advice from a friend and then pass on that information. After hearing that same information repeatedly many will begin to assume it to be true. However that tip you overheard can be holding you back from a great workout or reaching your fitness goal. It is very important to find out what is true FOR YOU. To assist you in getting to your fitness goal I will debunk a few fitness myths. Myth No. 1 Treadmill Vs. Asphalt Running is a great way to tackle your cardio goal and has recently become one of my favorite exercises but it can definitely cause some stress on your knees due to the impact. Best practice is to switch u

5 Day Reset

Loosing weight is the most exhilarating feeling I have experienced in my adult life thus far. However shredding those dreaded pounds is only half the battle. Maintaining your weight loss is just as important. Lately I have noticed I am eating more and also wanting to snack more. Additionally from the month of January to now I have yo-yo'd from 177 to 174 (back and fourth). I can also say that the past two weeks I have made some POOR food choices. I am training a lot harder due to my upcoming 5k and being more hungry is normal' but the food choices I am making is not good at all. So I have decided to do a 5 day reset. Reset means to set again or differently. During this reset my goal is to ju

I'm Allergic to Running

Two years ago, I remember a former friend asking me to go running with them and my response as I batted my eyelashes and twirled my freshly curled hair was “I am allergic to running”. I do not believe there is a single person on this earth who is in fact “allergic to running” however what I was really saying was I do not run, I do not like to run, I do not want to run… PERIOD! Fast forward to 2017 and I have officially completed my first week of 5k training and am heading into my second week. I will be running the Freihofer’s run in June (in Albany, NY) and I am both nervous and excited which is to be expected. All of this was and is about discipline and progress. Many times, we sike oursel